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CampbellWare - Linux, Mac OS X Terminal and DOS Software

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CampbellWare software products are available for Linux, Mac OS X Terminal, and Microsoft DOS. CampbellWare software products are lean, efficient and focused.

CampbellWare's software products are:

- VE (Visual Editor) - A lean, powerful xterm/console text editor

- LoansMgr - An ncurses-based personal loan calculation program

- Utilities - Various software utilities (Walk, Keytest, Datasizes, etc.)

Follow the links in the "Navigation" panel to go to the product pages for each of these products. There you will find detailed product information and complete distribution tarballs containing a full user guide, an x86 executable, and a source tree from which the product can be built as desired.

CampbellWare Linux x86 executables are compiled for i686
CampbellWare Mac OS X executables are compiled for PPC G5

Linux versions of CampbellWare available here!
Mac OS X versions of CampbellWare available here!
DOS versions of CampbellWare available here!

CampbellWare software products are distributed under the terms of GNU Public License v2.
Use and Enjoy!